Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee

Bill and I ventured out yesterday to the Tynemouth Metro station to see the goings-on there. 

As we approached it looked like business as usual, ie a usual weekend fleamarket. 

However we had noticed that the decorations were were different and the areas under the newly refurbished glass roofing - a job that's needed done for all the years I've lived in the area - were now open. 

There was miles of bunting - each flag handmade, by
school children probably; best source of free labour ever!

There was a brass band (The North Tyneside Orchestra) playing things like Soul Man and the Blues Brothers. 

On the other side there was a hip hop band with dancers.  Later there was a local dance school doing something called Alice and Wonderland.   It seemed almost too much to keep up with.

As we walked along to the end of the platform, I remarked to Bill it was like walking off the edge of the earth - we'd never been this far along! 

We found an Indian food stand called 'Spice Hut' and a £5.00 plate was enough to fill both of us nicely.  We wished we had room for the French food next to it.  If these are the new additions to the fleamarket I can see us having lunch there on a regular basis.

There were stalls selling, but I don't think they were doing much business.

When the Concert Band was finished, another band called Sweet and Hot was ready to take over.  I couldn't get anywhere near enough to take their photo.

The announcer mentioned that Health and Safety regulations didn't allow him to encourage people to dance, but the Queen had just texted him and said she thought it might be alright if folks kept it sedate.  

Shops in the village have also decked their windows.

I remarked to Bill that the 'queen' was in fact present; I'd noticed Mayor Linda Arkley in the crowd.

Not every house, but quite a few, are decorated for the occasion.

We were told that the band would just play their numbers and if anyone wanted to know the names of the song, to just ask an 'old geezer'.  After recognizing 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy' and 'A Tisket A Tasket' I got the message. 

Loads of folks around enjoying the sunshine and the sparking blue water.

There were a few folks around us who had to make some moves and we watched them for a bit before taking a stroll around the village.

Some people actually felt it was warm enough to picnic
outside Tynemouth Castle.

It was warm in the sun (about 13 C; 55 F), but with the sharp 14 mph breeze, it was more like 10 C; 50 F.

The sea was up a bit, enough that the pier was closed.

Such is life here in the North East.  

I can't envy the people on that ship, though
no doubt they've seen far worse weather.

I gather that tonight a Beacon will be lit at The Priory (behind the castle), one of thousands around the country. 

We decided there must be a ferry docked upstream to account for
all the people around. 

We might just venture back out to see that happen.  

At some point I hope to catch up with some of the television broadcasts of various goings on in London around this DiamondJubilee celebration (I can't for the life of me remember seeing much for the Golden Jubilee - her 50th - in 2002).  We've been absorbed in other things, not least a lovely visit from two of Bill's children, Simon and Helen and her husband Martin.   I suspect had the TV been present in the sitting room I may have been tempted to keep it on, but that is the very best reason I can think of to not have the TV there.  People who come to see us deserve our full attention.

This afternoon, we are invited to a block party - only in someone's back garden, not in the street.  I'm honoured to be invited as, strictly speaking, we don't live in that street, though being on a corner, the long side of our house extends along that road.  It will be an opportunity to get to know some of the neighbours a bit better.  The last New Years Eve party at Ann & Geoff's vastly increased my opportunities for exchanging friendly waves. 

In looking for TV programmes, I've discovered a couple of websites with vaguely interesting information about the Queen:

From ITV, from ABC and, best of all (though I can't voucher for her sources), Tabitha of Bourbon & Pearls.

Have you been watching the Jubilee celebrations?


Anonymous said...

What a fun event to be a part of! Where you live looks very pretty despite the cooler temperatures.

Anonymous said...

I have seen bits and pieces of the celebrations on American television (or rather clips on my computer). It looks like you've had far better weather for it, than the folks along the Thames on Sunday.

Suburban Princess said...

Ooooh I cant wait to hear about the party!

The concert is airing here right at this moment...Robbie Williams just finished :O)