Monday, 18 June 2012

The Torch

The other big deal around here in Britain besides the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is of course the 2012 Olympics.  Ostensibly in London, I gather various events are scheduled to happen in various other cities which have appropriate athletic facilities.  I've heard bits of stories about stadiums named for their primary builders, say O2 or Norwich Union (names I've just pulled out of a hat), being pressured to change the name of the venue for the Olympics, because those builders aren't big sponsors of the Olympics and so will get undue television coverage.  Aren't politics fun?

Cousin Frank in Glasgow shared a photo of the Olympic Torch passing the end of his street a week ago Friday. 


Various other friends and family have also commented on seeing the Torch. 


Bill's daughter Sarah noticed that the handover 'kiss' (her word) occurred at Asda's (Britain's name for Wal-Mart) near her. 


She said 'It stopped for a cheese burger chaser.'  I'm thinking maybe Asda is a sponsor.

It came down the end of our street as well.  We duly joined the gathering crowd

- well, a thin line of people edging the street.

I have to say it was an amazing non-event for me.  First we got all sorts of police motorcycles, then a bunch of buses with advertising on the sides (Lloyd's TSB really need to have their exhaust checked) and people on them waving.  Then came some more buses with 'London 2012' on them and more waving passengers. 

Finally, we got our Torch carrier (in the white suit) and his entourage (in grey).   There were runners on the pavement trying to follow the whole thing.  The Torch carrier laughed and said they should have trained more.

And then it was gone...

As we dispersed, various people commented on the cost of London's Metropolitan Police following the torch the length and breadth of the country and of all those buses to transport the thousands of torch bearers. 

I still remember way back when the Mayor of Denver said they were declining to place a bid for the Olympics, as it wasn't really in the best interests of the city.  I know, I'm a wet blanket here. 

On a lighter note, one of Bill's running friends was disappointed at not being chosen as a Torch bearer and appalled to find that some of those chosen were selling their white suits on eBay.   As a gentle form of protest, Paul did this Saturday's parkrun dressed as an Olympic Torch Bearer.

The sickening thing is, he still managed to do the 5K race in about 21 minutes, even wearing sandals!


LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

I chuckled at the protest made by Bill's Running Friend.

I'm actually looking forward to the Olympics, for some reason I really get into it every time the coverage is on TV.

Terri said...

Methinks the actual torch bearer ought to dress like Paul! How far does each torch bearer run?

steppingmywaytobliss said...

LOL...about your friend. I can't believe so many of you "witnessed" this event. I totally forget about the torch before the Olympics. Fun post!

BigLittleWolf said...

I laughed out loud when I got to the last picture!

Tabitha said...

Oh just the thought of the Olympics bores me rigid, I'll be ignoring it as much as I can.