Friday, 29 June 2012

Race Day

So now we come to the whole purpose of why we came to Australia when we did this year:  so Bill could do a 10K race.  Crazy, eh?  

This is the Rotary sponsored race that Chris had worked to organise before he became ill.  Jane and Jenny and others staffed the water table. 

No one looks good at the end of a hard race.

Several thousand runners turned out, plus family members.

Some people got more fun jobs than just handing out cups.

There were loads of prizes given out.  Bill didn't get a prize, but he was reasonably content with his race time nevertheless.

When the main business of the race was done, a group of us ladies met up at the cafe near the park, Sous le Soleil.  I was taken with these lovely little bottles grouped in their own little wooden crate and filled with flowers.  Turns out that Belvoir drinks are from the UK; in spite of the fact that these bottles' labels were in French.

This shop had been on Jane's list of things we might do and so I was keen to see the shop inside; she did warn me that the prices were breath-taking and she wasn't wrong.  They wouldn't allow photographs, but you can take a walk around the shop yourself if you like, here and here.

Whether or not I approve of their prices - or their policy about photography - they certain have a way of presenting things beautifully.


Beryl said...

What an adorable centerpiece! I have been the wife waiting at the end of the race more times than I can count. There was never anything that elegant. (Maybe hot dogs.) Sure looks like a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Hm, I wonder why they have this policy about photographs. I was in a shop once and had been snapping photos for a while BEFORE I noticed a sign that forbade it! Yikes.