Monday, 25 June 2012

Crafting with Jane and Jenny

In addition to loving books, my sister-in-law Jane sews wonderfully.  She and Jenny (of The Quilt) are involved with their husbands in Rotary, which of course has many different fund-raising activites.  One of these is a bridge day.  Neither Jane nor Jenny are interested in bridge, but they do like to put on a craft stall and try to sell hand made items to the bridge-players. 

Great apron; shame about the light fixture.
V. bad photography, that!

Jenny came over one day to show us what she was making and to consult about other plans.  Jane modelled her fabulous striped aprons.   She'd also made some really smart looking place mats from lush fabrics and was going to add some braid or other trim to some small square tablecloths.

Jenny showed us her incredible covered hangers. 

She starts with inexpensive store-bought covered hangers, already padded, and then adds her own style of covering with over-the-top embellishments that make the hangers very unique. 

Obviously a work in progress...
I think Jenny has a really good eye for what works.

Wouldn't you find these hangers irresistable?

Jenny also showed us the crochet throw she's making for one of her and Jane's grand-daughters.  All the grand-kids are getting one!

I found this get-together quite inspiring...not that I've had much time since our return to do any crafting, but I'll get there eventually.


Anonymous said...

Those hangers would make lovely gifts.

Carolyn said...

Those are some lovely items! I love that cheerful striped apron. Padded coat hangers are wonderful, perfect for wispy and delicate little tops and cardigans. I have a small number, made by my great aunt and my grandmother, and they are my favourites!

Anonymous said...

I love those covered hangers. Selling point for the fund-raiser: They are a treat and make wonderful gifts, as most of us would never buy something so pretty for ourselves. It's a lovely feeling to look in the closet and see a favorite garment hanging on something attractive.

Love the aprons, too. On Saturday I had the privilege of spending the day with friends learning to bake a perfect sourdough loaf ('class' generously given by one of the ladies' moms), and a couple of the ladies wore handmade aprons. So pretty and distinctive!

Beryl said...

Striped aprons and Granny Squares - I love these women!

Shelley said...

Terri - You are right - as you can see from the other comments. I'll have to ask how their bridge day sale went.

Carolyn - I make a completely different kind of covered hanger, but yes, those also do a great job of keeping slippery straps and shoulders in place.

Ilegirl - There is something just so cozy and homey about a homesewn apron, isn't there? One assumes the wearer is probably a great cook!

Beryl - Me too! I'm so glad this post has got so many nice comments. I hope Jane pops in and sees this one!

Jane said...

Here I am! Loved the post thankyou. Bridge day sale made about $Aus700 with total fundraising for the day of around $Aus10,000 I think.(This included some very generous donations).
Oh and the English as a second language ladies just finished two more knitted blankets to go to Africa.

Shelley said...

Jane - Yea!!! So glad it was a big success. I know you and Jenny put a lot of effort into that sale. Well done to both of you! XXX