Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Avoca Beach Picture Theatre

There was a day when there were loads of folks at the beach house in Avoca that I just took myself off for some solitude. 

I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

Jane had told me about seeing the preview of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. 

Bill doesn't go see films much, in fact I can tell you exactly which movies we've seen together:  Twister (our first date), The First Wives Club, and the last two Harry Potter films.  

It's no big deal as I'm not that big on paying movie theatre prices, but I knew I'd love anything with Maggie Smith and Judi Dench in it.  What I didn't expect was to fall in love with the theatre itself. 

It was a movie theatre, but also a pub and also an amazing shop. 

Life is not about Waiting for the Storm to Pass...It is about Learning to Dance in the Rain.  (Particularly in one lives in England...)

Even the loos were fun:

Not that I went in the Gents...

I've never seen such great ideas!

On each of the stall doors!

I browsed at length and then went away to buy myself brunch to fill in the time until the next showing. 

Life is not Measured by the number of Breaths we take, but by the Moments that Take our Breath Away.

I had myself some salad, steak and chips at a restaurant overlooking the beach.  Delicious.

My day out proved to be just the R&R I needed, away from the need to socialise, to be polite, to consider others, to do anything other than think my own thoughts in silence. 

Needing occasional solitude is simply part of me, something I can't change about myself, not that I wish to.

However, I was quite excited to drag Bill back to the theatre, after everyone else had returned to Sydney and we had a couple of days to ourselves. 

He loved it, too. 

Who wouldn't?


Rick Stone said...

We were never much at going out to see movies. We both preferred the live theatre, which is very abundant here in OKC area with numerous theatre companies. (Now that Jo is gone I'm introducing her niece to live theatre.)

BUT, one movie you should see, if you have not, is "RV" with Robin Williams. Now that you are officially RVer's and have traveled the western USA in an RV you will enjoy it. Jo and I could tell who the RVer's were in the audience because that was the people who were laughing the most.

Beryl said...

That theatre looks like a lot of fun! How was the movie?

Shelley said...

Rick - I shall look out for that film, though I must admit that Robin Williams is not Bill's cup of tea, or for that matter doesn't seem to amuse many Brits. I guess some humour just doesn't translate. However, given the subject, it's still worth checking out.

Beryl - I loved the film! I'd intended to go see it again, but things didn't work out that way. It was quite a shock to hear Maggie Smith's Cockney accent after thinking of her as the Dowager Duchess for so long. I'm not sure it's very realistic about what visiting India would be like. My experience is that the locals wouldn't distance themselves in quite the way as is portrayed, letting people go about their business. We've only been to Goa and Bill would quite like to visit Rajisthan. Whether that ever happens is yet to be seen. It is a very British film. The actors here all seem like a big clique all sort of interchanging roles. I wonder if that isn't what makes British film so enjoyable, seeing familiar faces. If you see it I'd be interested to hear what you thought.