Monday, 11 June 2012

Royal Exhibition Building

Sorry for any confusion.  Yes, we still live in England.  You could be forgiven for thinking we did immigrate to Australia.

 What with being there so long, I sometimes wondered if we had myself. 

Right, just this one more post before we exit Melbourne.  I have to leave you some things to find for yourselves, after all

It's just not possible to tell you everything wonderful about the place, as I'm sure there is much more that we have to discover ourselves.

Jane had recommended we go see this building.  She'd tried to go once herself but whomever was using it at the time wouldn't give her access without a hefty fee.  Since it wasn't their doings she was interested in, she declined. 

On this day it was some sort of convention of travel companies trying to entice Australians to go walkabout - as though they needed encouragement - and entry was free of charge. 

We had not the least interest in any of the package tours of course, but the building itself was amazing.  I was in awe of the intricate paintwork everywhere and for some reason the miles of hard wood flooring also looked really exotic to me.  Been away from the US for too long, I guess.

Outside was a large park where some building project was in progress.  A young man driving a forklift with very long boards patiently waited for us, making some polite comment as we passed. 

I managed not to stare and I resisted the temptation to take his photo, but I'd swear he was related to Mel Gibson. 

Stranger things could happen, this being Melbourne. 

I really loved this fountain.  I know it probably doesn't do much for you, but if one doesn't live in Australia,

just how many fountains would you likely see with water sprayed by duckbilled platypuses?

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