Thursday, 31 May 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

I turn 56 today, having been born in 1956.  I hope that's a good omen of sorts, not that I'm into numerology or anything.  That said, I did decide long ago that five was my lucky number:  born in the fifth month, wearing size five shoes and having a size five ring finger (shoe and ring size shared with my mother).  What other number could I choose?

We're going to dinner to Avanti in Jesmond to celebrate.  Bill bought me an overlock sewing machine (serger), something I've been wanting for years but couldn't quite work up the nerve to buy.  It's not something I need, but just wanted...the perfect sort of birthday gift, I think!


Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Shelly.

I used to live in Jesmond, so, I couldn't resist Gooogling Avanti which wasn't there in my day. Then, Jesmond was bohemian but I see that it is now described as cosmopolitan. We couldn't resist visiting our old "local" The Brandling when we were there last summer but were dismayed to find the way it is now. It just goes to prove that we should never go back.

I'm sure you'll have a lovely evening. Happy Birthday.


Rick Stone said...

Hope you have enjoyed your birthday today. Glad you got something you wanted and didn't wait until you "needed" it. Sometimes you just got to splurge and just do it. Kind of like my gun collection. Joanne once asked me, upon my bringing in a new firearm, what I "needed" it for. My response was "what does need have to do with anything?" You only live this life once so it is nice to get something a little extra every once in awhile.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

....and that's how I got my camera! I didn't need it, but really wanted one for ... Forever! LT got it for me for Christmas this year. Those are just the best gifts! That being said, he once got me microwave that I was pretty excited about! Ahhhhh, the '70's!

Hope your birthday was happy, your dinner was tasty, and you find a great project to to make on that machine!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I have a serger I have never used. I guiltily hide it away in the back of a closet.

Lucky indeed to have a lovely life in the UK, a wonderful husband who gets you something you want and not just something you need, and size 5 feet.

Hope you had a wondeful day!

Shelley said...

Anna - I don't think I realised - or remembered - that you lived in Newcastle! I'm thinking there may be more than one Brandling, as the one I'm aware of is on Gosforth High Street. Must do more exploring in Jesmond some time! Sad to find something isn't as nice as remembered, isn't it?

Rick - Sounds like Joanne was as excited about your guns as I would be, but you are right - nice presents aren't always about 'need', though I think they can be. Sometimes having a need met is just as nice as have a want fulfilled.

Deb - Bill refuses to buy me anything for the kitchen as a present. He views anything house-work related as being 'beneath' gift status. I follow his reasoning, but sometimes those can be pretty exciting presents! Never mind, I should be grateful he doesn't buy me a new iron or something...

Journal - I'm not sure if size 5 /UK 2.5-3 is a blessing anymore, but I agree with the rest being nice.

Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes!