Friday, 18 May 2012

Miss Phryne Fisher

If you've read here for very long, you know that I drool over Kerry Greenwood's books about female detective Phryne Fisher.  The stories are set in the interwar period and if anything Bill drools even more; he's certainly read and re-read them more than I have...yet.   

Phryne wears velvet and fur...

Would you believe Phryne is the reason we went to Melbourne?  Well, one has to have some sort of curiosity about a place, some reason to go. 
Phyrne's friend Dr. MacMillan is far too young and too chic,
but the trousers are correct.

Having established that the street names really did exist and wanting to explore further afield than Sydney, Bill made a list of Phryne places - which of course he forgot to bring.  Still, he remembered a good many).

Imagine our delight when Jane told us there was a television series of Phryne adventures! 

Can't remember this character; Madame Breda perhaps.  But isn't she exotic!?

Bill complained that they added characters not in the book and fairly well butchered all the original stories. 

Essie Davis is a perfect Phryne, I think.

I don't care; I love the clothes, the architecture and even Bill agrees that some of the casting is spot on, if not all of it.

Miriam Margolyes must just have been in town when they were filming;
her character is nowhere in the books.

We were able to watch four of the six programmes, one on the internet which is where I snatched these photos. 

Off to a party; great clothes AND great architecture.

I've checked the ABC website to see if the programmes are out on DVD and I think they may be, but our DVD player can't manage Australian DVDs, so I need these programmes to air in the US or Britain....must figure out how to lobby the BBC or ITV here.

Dot the maid is spot on, except she's not that terrified of phones in the book.

Any whiff of Miss Fisher's shows turning up in the States? 

Sasha, Phryne's Russian lover.

I think you'll agree from these photos that it would certainly be worth watching!

{Heavens, this is my 1,000th post...and I'm nowhere near out of what to say!}


LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

What an interesting series! I must check this out. p.s. I'm a big fan of checking out filming locations and real-life streets/buildings named in books, movies, whatever. I find all that stuff fascinating!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 1000 post! I'm not a television watcher so I can't really say if this has aired in the states, but I know that I often want to watch more than just snippets of the BBC online.

Shelley said...

LR - It think seeing places you know - or even reading a novel set in your home town - is really wonderful. It makes it seem much more personal and at the same time exciting.

Terri - All this regional stuff on the telly - not to mention DVDs is pretty annoying, isn't it? I'm sure that eventually they'll figure out about the 'global economy' and all that, but for now it's a control issue...

Anonymous said...

I love the Phryne Fisher series on TV. I was finally able to view it through Netflix. And like you, I am in love with the time era, her wardrobe and style. I have not read the books yet but they are on my list to do so. On the show, the picture/artwork above her fireplace is the same one I have in my living room.