Monday, 7 May 2012

Darling Harbour

One of the things that did go to plan on this holiday was our week in Melbourne. 

We had booked non-refundable tickets on the train and fortunately by this time we knew that Chris was out of danger. 

The rains had stopped, or at least slowed, and so the basement was also out of danger.   

The first step was to spend the night in Sydney town centre. 

 This had always been the plan because Jane and Chris were supposed to be on Kangaroo Island.

We wandered around Darling Harbour (love that name) to find some dinner.

I'm always shocked at how expensive everything is in Sydney, but I did want to eat outdoors for a change (it's just not feasible where we live). 

Eventually we found a pizza place whose prices were almost palatable. 

It was great sitting next door the the Brazilian buffet place, watching a family consume more meat than we've eaten in a year. 

I also spotted my first ever real life Hermes scarf.  A tiny Asian girl waltzed past wearing crisp orange linen shorts, a white t-shirt and an amazingly brilliant orange print scarf.  Bill and I agreed it must have been an Hermes, but she was too fast for my poor old camera to catch.

Bill had booked us into a really fun place for the night:  The Great Southern Hotel.  Having an obsession with art deco does give a focus for making choices. 

Also, and probably more importantly, it was just across the road from the train station and we had an early start the next morning.


Beryl said...

Looks like you had fun in Sydney. What beautiful pictures. I hadn't seen much art deco in architecture until coming to Tulsa and can see how charming it is.

Anonymous said...

A little girl in a Hermes scarf? Perhaps in another lifetime I shall live this way. I know exactly what you mean about the Brazilian restaurants. We went to local ones a couple of times until the novelty wore off and we decided that the stomach ache was NOT worth it. Is there any street food in Sydney.

Paul Mullings said...

Shelley I think it is probably fair to say that inner city food is expensive just about anywhere. I am in Istanbul at the moment and find the same problem, but if you just walk out of the main tourist zone the prices plummet.