Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Year of Style - November

We should be aiming to 'de-stress' in November.  I had to laugh because this is month in which I believe begins the 'Season of Madness'.  Not so much because of Christmas.  I will have started thinking about that back in August: what to make, what to buy, what to cook.  It's more about Thanksgiving that I stress about.  I've decided, however, to only do the Big Party on alternate years.  In between those I shall keep it to family members.  That seems a bit saner approach, don't you think?

Slow down a little; you'll be more efficient.   I worked as a clerk / typist / secretary / administrative officer for 14 years.  One of the first things I observed was when we had a major deadline; eg typing documents for a legislative sessions (on the latest electric typewriters, before correction tapes), making hundreds of photocopies, collating and stapling all by hand; was that slowing down made me finish faster.  Fewer corrections.  It works the same with sewing, cooking, public speaking, probably many other things.  I learned not to act before I had time to think, until the thing became comfortable and smooth to do.

Buy a new agenda now; you'll be more organized next year.   For years I used a 'Month-at-a-Glance' file with an address book, calendar and notepads.  My Dad bought me one every Christmas once he knew how much I loved them.  Updating my addresses and putting birthdays into the calendar was a ritual to celebrate the coming year.  More and more - in keeping with the idea of slowing down - I find myself wanting to return to paper rather than computer systems.  I don't have to wait for them to power up, find the internet or worry about compatibility of programmes.  I can go back to enjoying a good writing tool.  It feels right.  However, I may just design my own notebook!

Buy a fountain pen for addressing holiday cards.  I don't do many holiday cards anymore.  Being a tightwad and environmentally conscious, I mainly do emails with a Christmas design I've made myself.  That said, a fountain pen would be lovely to do with that notebook!

Buy luxurious cashmere socks to wear with your snow boots.  I've mentioned previously how wonderful cashmere socks feel, so I can agree with Frederic based on my own experience...

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