Thursday, 10 November 2011


The other memorable meal in Ghent was at a restaurant called Amadeus.  I don't know whether it is better known for its food or for its decor, but we mainly went for the latter.  The food didn't turn out too bad either. 

We had no reservation and so were squeezed onto a table for near the front door, but behind a screen.  There was an enormous bottle of red wine on the table. 

Apparently a lot of people order the house wine so they just serve it up and diners are charged for the number of glasses required to refill the large bottle.  Not a system I've ever seen before. 

We ended up with ordering the all-you-can-eat ribs, not that we had more than one order. 

There was also a salad of sorts and a baked potato with some sort of curried butter sauce.  The prices were entirely reasonable for adequate food. 

I'm afraid I have pre-conceived notions of how BBQ ribs should taste and it's unlikely I'll ever find that in Europe, but never mind. 

The tourist guide said this place was decorated in the style of art nouveau.  It was different to other art nouveau design I've seen, but in any case the decor was dazzling. 

Yes, I ate it all...

For some reason I can't explain, I chose not to use my camera in there and we used Bill's instead.  It works great outdoors, but not as well indoors. 

Our waiter was a nice guy from Turkey who has lived in Ghent for 8 years.  I asked if he liked it, thinking he would say yes, but his reply was that the Belgians have no heart.  I'm guessing his love life isn't to his satisfaction. 

The toilets  - you want to know about this, right? 

I could practically do a whole blog on the loos I've known and loved / hated - was another unisex arrangement and I was just lucky that a girl came out of the stall marked for ladies because my Dutch doesn't extend that far.

Admit it, that's a nice mirror and you're glad I showed it to you.   

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