Saturday, 26 November 2011

An Autumn Walk Continued

We are continuing our walk from yesterday.  After all the fresh air and nature, we ventured through Bath Terrace, which ends in The Arcade that goes into Front Street in Tynemouth Village.  As Vivien remarked, can't you just see the carriages passing through?

On this street as well the gardens are opposite the houses, though with some of them now in flats, one wonders who gets the garden.  Somehow I don't see these folks sharing the use and maintenance.

The people who live at the end of Bath Terrace definitely have a sense of humour.  I only spotted the rather obvious sign on the gate post.

Vivien spotted the fake tree with the fake birds.

And the statue of the dog hiking its leg on the lamp post.

There are flats in the arcade for sale. not to mention those terraces.  For the price, I can't say they excite me much, but I love looking at estate agent websites. 

The disadvantage here are the many pubs on Front Street.  Tynemouth is a party town at the weekend, though it was incredibly quiet when we were there that Thursday afternoon.

The sun was low in the sky and flocks of birds circled the castle.  We walked along the Parade to the Grand Hotel.  I took Vivien into the Copperfields bar, thinking it might be a traditional pub her husband would like.

Warkworth Terrace sits behind a green and overlooks the sea.  I especially love the window box painted black.  As we passed there was an older couple seated there, with newspapers and tea I imagine.

Another friend had mentioned the Country House Tea Rooms to us a while back, but we'd never been.  It definitely needed exploring and we definitely needed a cup of tea.  We found the place all decked out for Christmas.

That thing in the middle is a pram...necessary nuisances,
they are.

I remembered the place as being an antiques shop, and apparently it is the same owner who changed her business from selling antiques to selling tea and food. 

The place is packed at the weekend. Then again, it is tiny. 

I can't imagine how she got much furniture in there before.   

Then again, when there isn't much space to decorate then it is affordable to be lavish in the decor and to have each thing be exquisite.  I might eventually manage to bring that lesson home [imagine Bill choking with laughter].

Upstairs is a bit of a surprise.  Black decals on the walls, a lamp (not shown) made of a woman's legs, the shade her skirt.  Black sequinned pillows.  Not to my taste, but fun all the same.  

I wonder what Santa will make of those Christmas stockings?

I love finding new places like this.  Don't you?

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