Friday, 25 November 2011

An Autumn Walk

My friend Vivien has perhaps inadvertently become part of my exercise programme.  I can't bring myself to run more than three days a week - if that - and I've yet to identify a Pilates or yoga class that works for me.  In the meantime there are the joys of a long walk.  It is good of her to come on them with me and so I try to make them interesting.  Last week we walked around Tynemouth village and surrounding area.  You'll already have seen much of it, but I never get tired of the beauty that I find there.

As we passed the park a large black bird was flapping and croaking about something.  It was Vivien who spotted the cat high up in the tree, looking contentedly around.

I was pleased to see some colour in the trees; autumn here isn't very dramatic.

We visited the medieval graves I've told you about before.  Then we headed for the car park that overlooks the river.  We also visited Collingwood's monument.  I've mentioned him before as well. 

The plaque on his monument says

This monument was erected in 1845 by Public Subscription to the memory of Admiral Lord Collingwood who in the "Royal Sovereign" on the 21st of October 1805 led the British Fleet into action at Trafalgar and sustained the Sea Fight for upwards of an hour before the other ships were in gun shot, which caused Nelson to exclaim, "See how that noble fellow Collingwood takes his ship into action"

He was born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1748 and died in the Service of his country on board the "Ville de Paris" on 7th March 1810 and was buried in St. Paul's Cathedral.

The four guns upon this monument belonged to his ship the "Royal Sovereign"

I climbed as far as the steps went.  It was a long way up.

The views were good, but it was a little scary coming down.  We would have gone out on the pier, but it was shut for painting.

Then I led her along the path that comes to the cricket pitch. 

This row of houses is on a road called The Spanish Battery.  Wikipedia
says this is about Spanish mercenaries who manned the guns on the
headlands in the 16th century -  to which I say codswollop!  Must
do some local history research to confirm, but I'm sure it was because the
guns were the defense against the Spaniards!
Then we wandered along the terraces of houses that overlook the river...the grand old houses, not the new flats or the council housing. 

Collingwood House

One house on Priors Terrace, which is now six apartments, was once the home of Annie Maud Burnett, the first woman councillor for North Tyneside and also a former Mayor of Tynemouth.  The houses on - aptly named - Collingwood Terrace face south - a desireable feature in a cold climate - and have view of the river and the sea.  Apparently, what I would consider about the best of the houses, having a south west facing aspect with three floors of bay windows, is apparently also aptly named Collingwood House and has an apartment available to rent.   I have also learned since that walk that the private garden on the west side of Northumberland Terrace is called the Duke of Northumberland's garden. 

Of course with Google maps, you can drag the little yellow man down onto the road and take this same walk with us, did you realise?

In addition, they have quaint little walled 
gardens across the road from their front doors.  I was surprised when I first saw this sort of thing - gardens apart from the house - and even more surprised when Vivien remarked on how unusual it was.  I have seen several examples around this area, in fact there were more examples on the route that I had planned.  However we will save that for tomorrow.

For now, let me say a big thank you to my lovely friend Vivien.  Her company, along with the fresh air and the natural beauty we saw, did my sad heart a world of good.


Rick Stone said...

Jo had gotten into taking walks with some of the neighbor ladies in the evenings. One neighbor, who is in her 80's, always led the group, going to each door collecting the walkers. She said is was more enjoyable to walk with friends than by herself.

Sandra said...

How I want to visit Tynemouth...these views make it look so inviting. I walk every Friday with a couple of friends though the colleges or at the Rancho San Antonio Gardens and never tire of it, but your scenes make my walk pretty ordinary. It helps to have a good friend like yours to encourage and motivate.