Saturday, 5 November 2011

Square du Petite Sablon - Brussels

For our day out in Brussels we brought a packed lunch of bread rolls with cheese and ham and a large bottle of water. 

We stopped to eat in the Square du Petite Sablon, across from the Notre-Dame due Sablon. 

Sablon is apparently the area of Brussels 'where the antique dealers meet'; good job I didn't know that at the time.  Sablon is French for sandy or fine sand or something.  

We were thinking that Brussels was in the Walloon region of Belgium, but in fact it is still within the Flanders region. 

However, it is bi-lingual in Brussels and I had the impression that one saw more French than Dutch there, though I could be mistaken about that. 

I thought the whole Welsh/Gaelic/English thing was complicated here, but it's nothing compared with the language legislation in Belgium (I'd not realised that German got into the mix there, too!). 

Anyhow, the park was lovely and we enjoyed our stop there.

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