Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stormy Sea and Foolish Fishers

It was one of the first nights after Jane and Chris arrived that we had a terrific storm during the night.  We sleep with the window cracked as a rule, but had to shut it for fear that the drapes were going to be blasted off the railings.


The next day things were calmer on land, but the sea was still quite dramatic and we always enjoy watching the waves crash over the North Pier.  


There were loads of seagull out dashing about and the waves inside the pier on the river were also impressive.  


The next day would find some mad surfers on those waves, at risk of having their brains smashed on the Black Middens, where many a ship met its fate in years past.

Bill noticed the rough ride being given this ship, likely taking newly built Nissan cars to Europe.  


He figured there would be a few dents from this journey. 

As we walked towards the Abbey and the Castle, 


which you may recognize from last winter (if I ever find those photos, I'll link them), we spotted some determined fishers climbing over the barrier - shut because of danger - to gain access to the ledge inside the pier.  


I can't think of a catch that could possibly be worth that risk, and there are quite a few rescue missions 


by the RNLI each year to save idiots like this.


James said...

Some people's kids! Wonderful photos of the Abbey and castle, thank you for posting them.

Struggler said...

The RNLI do phenomenal work, but it does irritate me when people ignore warnings and put themselves in risky positions.