Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bill Enters Monastery

After the boat trip the coach took us along to the Monastery of Anafonitria.  

Bill thought it was wonderful and would be a great place to live.  I'm guessing that had more to do with the lovely farm animals and the quiet serenity than with religious convictions.  I seem to have found it quite picturesque as well.  

The patron saint of Zakynthos, Agios Dionysios, lived in this place in the 16th century.  

He was noted for being a very forgiving man;  Bill's that way, too, but I doubt I could live with a saint. 

We weren't allowed photos inside the church.  

Apparently it is a custom to have an icon, such as a painting of Mary or Jesus, inside the church and for people to give pieces of jewelery to it in thanks for wishes granted, or perhaps in hopes of good things to come.  

The main other thing that I recall was spotting a painted pattern high up on a stucco wall that reminded both of us of the faux wallpaper effects found in the wealthier homes of Mary King's Close.

After the monastery, the next stop was lunch.  I was ready!

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