Saturday, 2 October 2010

October Grey

My chosen colour for this month is grey: charcoal to dove and everything in between. Oddly enough, I discovered last month that orange went well with grey, but I’m tired of my few orange pieces and will put them aside for a while. Grey, on the other hand, has almost unlimited friends: nearly any shade of red or pink, the entire spectrum of blues and violets. Personally, I wouldn’t put it with yellow, but of course fashion designers do. Some of my favourite warm sweaters are grey, so I shall be toasty in the changing weather. Even my lined and hooded trench coat is a very dark charcoal, and with my usual black boots even the rain won’t reach me.

When Jane and Chris were here we commented on the turning trees. Autumn has long been my favourite season, particularly when I lived in Oklahoma. There one experiences four distinct seasons: ice and wind in winter; bucketing rain in spring, sticky sweltering misery in summer; autumn with the cool relief of mornings and pleasantly warm afternoons was a no-brainer as best season. Here in England, I tend to favour the occasional summer more than the reminder that the dark of winter is about to descend. However, the only sane thing to do about weather is to take it as it comes, respond appropriately and be of good cheer as much as possible. Boots cheer me a lot.

What are your favourite colours or items for fall?


Jo said...

Can't think fall yet, as we are in Tucson and it is over 100. OK is in the 70s, which will be welcome. Don't pick a color of the month, but fall colors are usually cranberry, rust, forest green, and blue.

Shelley said...

Jo - Lucky You! Tucson sounds wonderful. It's about high 60s low 70s here now, quite comfortable. Your fall colours sound lush.

Jo said...

Tucson is way too hot. The heat just drains you. They have a high front sitting over them. California is under the same high front and their temps have been up to 113.
Next time you are in the US you will have to look for Bonworth's in outlet malls. It is women's clothes. You can get slacks for $9.99. They also have tops, sweaters, jackets, etc. They have a lot of different colors and many of them blend together for multiple outfits.