Saturday, 30 October 2010

Happy Halloween


I think Mom really enjoyed making these costumes this first Halloween we had Johnny, who was 2 and a bit at the time.  He sure enjoyed wearing his, too, though the face paint was apt to get smeared pretty quickly.  There was a Papa Bear outfit as well, but you'll have to take my word for it. 

Do you see good costumes on Trick or Treat night?


Jo said...

Happy Halloween to you. We see costumes on the younger kids. When the older ones start coming we turn off the light. My neice Carrie's little boy is dressing as Yoda. Rick has a picture of him someplace as he got dressed up and came over to see Great-Grandma on Thursday night since he was going to a party at church on Saturday.

Rick Stone said...

We don't see many Trick or Treaters any more. A few in the early evening. Many schools and churches in the area now have activities for the kids and that has cut down on the kids going door to door. With as many crazies we have in this world today this is probably good.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,
You both look so cute. Halloween has only recently taken on here in Australia & not when I (or my kids for that matter) was young. The local youngsters now dress up but only go to select houses of those they know well, not the entire neighbourhood. We get about a dozen regulars with their Mum's calling out a "Hi Sharon" from out front when their kids come to the door. A lady in front of me at the checkout the other day was going to buy one of the big orange carving pumpkins. At $3.98 a kilo she changed her mind when told the cost was $20. What I want to know is can you eat those things? I love pumpkin but the inside doesn't look anything like the pumpkins I use. Darned if I would pay for one if I couldn't use the inside flesh. Happy halloween to you. Do the kids there dress up for it & trick or treat?

Shelley said...

Jo - I bet it's fun to be Yoda!

Rick - I think parties are best, too.

Sharon - See
for pumpkin pie recipes.

Struggler said...

The best costumes at my front door last night were a ladybird (ladybug) and a bumble bee. They were a couple of teenagers and had matching tights too... but the wings really stole the show!
Thank you for your wonderful comfort food suggestions.

FB @ said...

I cannot wait to put my future kids in costumes :P

This is a great idea.