Thursday, 7 October 2010

Calton Hill

Right, back to Edinburgh - computers have a mind of their own sometimes, you know. With Chris and Jane visiting and Simon free for the week it seemed a great idea to go up and see Sarah in Edinburgh. I was pleased with the company but was less enthusiastic about the place; I've been there a few times. However, Jane had some ideas about places she'd not seen and turns out I'd never been to Calton Hill.

There are a number of interesting structures up on Calton Hill and more to see from it.

I will call to your attention the National Monument which remains unfinished. I’m sure there is a good reason for this, but I don’t recall seeing that explained.

There is also a Portuguese Cannon, of passing interest. The City Observatory charged admission and, being a group of tightwads, we passed.

Apparently there is a ball that is dropped from the top each day at noon, a practice which has continued for some time. This is visible to the ships in the vicinity and allows them to reset their chronometers to the correct time, critical for calculating Longitude, if I understand Bill’s discussions from book with that title.

This is also a monument to Nelson, the admiral who won the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, against the French.

It is important to remember that the Scots have always been more fond of the French than of the English, so this is obviously a monument set up by the English, not the Scots.

My favourite of the structures was Observatory House,

currently being renovated for short term holiday lets. We’re unlikely to pay the price they’ll no doubt ask, which is sad, but I’m sure someone will have a fabulous holiday there – with scads of tourists wandering around outside their doors and windows. 

Of course the castle is one of Edinburgh's main landmarks. 

One of my favourites was the view of Holyrood House and

the lacy arch at the back with the lovely green field

beyond. The old cemetery was also interesting.  

so much so that Chris later wandered into it and we followed; but that is another post. 

(I'm really struggling with the computer just now, so I may be away for a few days...I'm determined not to let the X$%@&* thing win.)


Struggler said...

Yes, computers are awful when they do that X$%@&* trick :)
Looks like you found some nice parts of Edinburgh... I haven't been there in yeeeears.

Struggler said...

PS, thanks so much for the brilliant idea of putting running clothes on the radiator! Like you, I slink off to the bathroom to get ready so as to try not to disturb hubby, but warm togs would certainly make it easier!!