Sunday, 17 October 2010

Going Different Ways

I thought I did rather well, getting all those posts out of only 2 days in Edinburgh.  Simon stayed on a bit longer with Sarah and Jane & Chris came back home with us.  We only had another day with them and so we took them blackberry picking for entertainment; we are all easily amused, obviously.  The next morning Bill got up and took them to the airport at about 4 am, bless him.  I just managed to toddle out of bed quick enough to give Jane a kiss good-bye.  They were off on a coach tour of Spain and Morocco.  

We considered going with them to Spain, as that's high on Bill's list, but they had opted for a rather luxurious travel package that cost more than we were prepared to pay.  It's an easier way to keep Chris corralled, he loves to see every corner of anywhere he visits (Bill says he's even worse than I am, which is pretty amazing).  This way he has to get on the bus or be left behind, so Jane's choice was brilliant in that respect.  She's sent a couple of glowing reports that are making me reconsider Morocco.  We are already making plans for the Alhambra, a place Bill has long wanted to visit, but that is in the future.

We chose instead to go to Greece, though we've been twice before, but to different places.  I think Greek food is heaven; I place it second only to Italian.  Bill had some leave to use, we wanted some sun before winter sets in and it was relatively cheap to go to Greece, more specifically to Zakynthos. (You can click on the '-' symbol to get your bearings.)

So, as you might guess, that's what I'll be telling you about next, not that we did anything wildly exciting.  I just thought you might want to share the experience and I get even more value for money:  nearly three holidays (the one we plan, the one we have and the one I write).  That's being frugal, right?  


James said...

Looking forward to your Greek adventure!

Jo said...

You can be my narrator anytime. Makes me wish we lived someplace in Europe and were able to travel to all the neat places you find.