Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

As part of my photo scanning process (stalled, but not forgotten) I found this photo of me at age four or five, dressed as a 'bride doll'.  Given the fact that I've been a 'bride' three times now, I think it's an absolute hoot that I started practicing so early, but I do remember that I had an actual bride doll at that age.  She was far more elegant than any I find on the internet just now, or perhaps I just remember her that way.

The headdress was made using a sort of choker-style cloth necklace Mom had that was beaded with costume pearls.  She somehow stuffed netting into it to shape the veil.  She was good at things like that.  They call that 'up-cycling' now or something, don't they?  Then she whipped up a top from some white taffeta and threw together a net skirt.  I think the waist line was pretty itchy, but it was just for one evening, after all.   When ever it was time to get 'gussied up', Mom's stock hairstyle for me was the dreaded Shirley Temple curls.  I hated them then, but they make me laugh now.

Try not to eat all your Halloween candy yourself!!


Jo said...

You look like the queen mother.

Sandra said...

Well, I love this most memorable Christmas gift which I wanted with all my heart...a bride doll...I too dressed up and have pictures with me in my grandmother's white slip, long while gloves, and a fake flower bouquet from my aunt's wedding and her wedding veil...the script dream of little girls in the 40's and 50's...I learned later to envisiion more for myself!
But it is a favorite childhood memory. Thanks for sharing Shelley.