Thursday, 27 October 2011

Amsterdam to Ghent

I thought I'd share a few photos from the road between Amsterdam / Imidjin and our campsite just outside of Ghent.  I spend so much time rapturing over the historical parts I forget Europe is quite modern.  

Bill adapted reasonably quickly to driving on the right side, thanks to having the steering wheel on the appropriate side.  He also decided to use the SatNav, in spite of the fact that it didn't talk to him and he had to consult the map it provided.

I was 22 before I saw the Mississippi River and though I live near the Tyne, large rivers still amaze me.  Bill reckoned this was the Rhine.

I guess that thing is 'public art'; I'm not sure.

In the rear seat belts!

I'm sorry, I find Dutch to be a hilarious language.   Between the 'ook's and the 'slaapkamer's and the like, I'd never be able to speak it with a straight face.  

Apparently this truck driver likes pom-pom fringe on his curtains...

And the speed limit is in kilometres per hour; fortunately, so is the speedometer on this motorhome!

Also, did you know there was a Kennedy Tunnel just outside of Antwerp?  Me, neither.

I've skipped over the bits of the trip that were challenging, like Bill being seasick, and my nervousness about the Sat Nav and the fact  I'm not sure we took the most straight forward route because we did eventually pull into our campsite in the suburbs of Ghent without any major hiccups, which impressed me no end.

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Jo said...

Bill sea sick with all of his travels. So sorry!