Thursday, 6 October 2011

Back from Belgium

As some of you may know from my comments on blogs, etc., we just returned from two weeks in Belgium last Wednesday.  I will of course be blogging about that soon, but as we have no other trips planned for several months - probably not for this year - there is plenty of time to talk about that.  Besides, it's going to take me a while to sort my photos and my thoughts.  I posted in advance of our trip and I didn't take my computer along, so I'm feeling a bit rusty at this blogging business.

In the meantime, I hope to address the comment that Bill made one day whilst we were away that if I kept blogging about our trips for longer than we took them the name "Shelleys House" wouldn't be very apt, being as how it would seem we're never home!  Besides, there are plenty of other things to talk about other than our travel adventures.  As much as I enjoy our travel adventures, they are just one part of what I value about our lifestyle, the most important aspect for me being that all our time and energy belongs to us, not to an employer.

We were blessed with a few glorious summery days upon our return, which made me wonder if we'd have enjoyed better weather had we stayed, but that's always the way of it.  Though it's rainy again today, it is still warm enough to wear sandals, cropped trousers (and a sweater), so I'm content for the moment.   Now, back to blogging...

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