Saturday, 1 October 2011

Year of Style - October

Frederic's theme for October is to 'Mingle'.  By that I gather he intends that we should have a social life.  I think that aside from the running club, Bill and I have to work quite hard to maintain a social life, and we're retired!  So I can appreciate that this can be difficult for people with serious jobs.  However, we will carry on...

Organise your closet by complementary textures: corduroy with flannel, twill with linen, and cashmere with wool.   I think this happens pretty automatically when considering whether things are cool or warm weather clothing.   As a petite person I am conscious of not wearing very much bold texture; it just swamps me or doubles my size, but I might wear one piece at a time.  To my knowledge, I have no flannel in my wardrobe, something I definitely hope to remedy.

"Dare to be naive."  - Buckminster Fuller.  Just to check, I looked up 'naive' : unsophisticated, credulous or marked by a simple, direct style.  Sounds good to me.  While I was at it I looked up 'Bucky'.  Interesting that he believed 'war is obsolete' but his geodesic structure is used extensively by the military.  We just drove past this place the other day...  What has this to do with style?  It's a 'style' architecture, OK?

Pick an outfit in a magazine before you pick it from the rack, have an image in your mind of what you are looking for before you embark on your next shopping spree.  

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Anonymous said...

You know I often shop with an image in mind Sometimes those images are 6 months old! This fascinates me as an older blogger because by the time I even get around to trying a is no longer a trend.

I've bought a couple of flannels lately and can't wait to wear them.