Sunday, 2 October 2011

Portmeirion Beach

When I pulled out these photos, I was thinking 'saved the best for last' and that made me think of this post on Gai Shan Life.

I don't know if it is because I grew up hundreds of miles from an ocean or if it's another one of those things that just naturally appeals, but beach scenes really get me.

Even though it wasn't warm the day we were here, it wasn't cold either. 

The beauty here had nothing to do with the weather, although I do find masses of cloud more dramatic than a clear blue sky.

There were all sorts of warnings everywhere about getting off the beach before 2pm as the tide would come in very rapidly.  Bill was impressed with this, as it was a vast expanse of sand to be covered quickly.

I was impressed by the warnings of quicksand!  I wasn't at all tempted to wander down onto the beach!

Neither of us doubted the veracity of those warnings.  It's almost intuitive that beauty often goes hand in hand with danger.

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Jo said...

Very pretty area. Well worth time spent there. I wonder about the warning about the tide coming in fast. I would imagine it is because of the location. But interesting.