Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bill's New Girlfriend

You may or may not remember that I used to rhapsodise about Phryne Fisher, the fictional female detective in Melbourne, stories about whom are written by Kerry Greenwood.  To my surprise, Bill really liked those books as well and has probably read them several times more than I.
Well, he's got a new flame now and I like her a lot, too.  She's Daisy Dalrymple and her author is Carola Dunn.  Also placed in the interwar period and a member of the aristocracy, Daisy is just like Phryne - only she's not a clothes horse, she doesn't have lovers, she's not independently wealthy, she's married - to a policeman, she has children and she lives in Britain, not Australia.  So, not that much like Phryne.  Also, Daisy seems to use her brain and her intuition where Phryne seems to be more physically involved in things.

Although I'll always have time for Phryne, I must admit a slight preference for Daisy - just as long as I still come first in Bill's affections, of course.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

sometimes those fictional female detectives make the fiercest mistresses. gotta love the "bill" in all of us!


Revanche said...

I just like her name. DALRYMPLE! I might have to try the books as well if I can find them at the library, or perhaps see if I can't luck out with a free Kindle version.