Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bored with Belgium...or Is It Blogging?

On one hand, spending hours sifting through photos and putting together posts is a way of getting more value out of our travels.  I rarely tire of looking at photos of beautiful things.  On the other, photo-rich posts are time consuming and require concentration, which strangely for me involves a fair amount of energy, due to frustration, perhaps.  I have several other ideas for such posts, but I think I will leave them for later and get back to blogging about 'real life'.   Or perhaps, I just need to get back to living my real life.

Blogging hasn't been quite the pleasure for me lately that it was before.  This is in part because of the time of year and all the busyness associated with it.  When I'm blogging, I feel I should be doing something else and vice versa.   Also, though I am aware that there are faithful readers, comments have been few and far between of late.  I expect everyone else is also busy and this has never much bothered me because I could look at my stats for encouragement. 

However, some new gimmick has arisen in the blog world and programmes written to hit on blogs for the sole purpose of appearing as sources listed in their blog stats, which then causes bloggers to visit the programmer's website and thus bring traffic to their sites.  I'm guessing this might then generate potential income from advertising or whatever.  If this is happening to your blog - do not visit their website!  Google may or may not find a way to block these hits but I doubt they will manage to restore people's stats and so this has removed one of the external rewards I had for blogging.

I don't expect I will stop blogging, as I do enjoy it so much.  I may just scale back.  I haven't decided yet.  For now, I will show you Gravensteen.  The name means 'castle of the count'.  It has been there in Ghent since the 11th century, but rebuilt to an extent that it is probably no longer very authentic. 

Bill and I were perplexed by the spiral stairs. They were backwards, giving the advantage to right-handed, sword-wielding attackers ascending the stairs.   They should spiral in the other direction in order help defend the castle. 

The views from the roof were good, though.

I did have an awakening moment on this visit.  When Bill went to pay our entrance fee, he asked for two seniors tickets.  I found it strange that he would cheat, this not being like him at all, but I tried not to give him away.  Then I looked up at the information board and made a shocking discovery, whereupon I had to say, "OMG, I really am a senior!"  I've not encountered another place where being 55 entitled me to a senior's discount.  Like ticking the last age box on surveys, it's just one of those reminders that time is passing. 

So I need to use it well.


James said...

Dear Shelley I am guilty of being one who doesn't comment as I should. I enjoy your travels so much. You show me places I've never been and as I approach my autumn years will never go. I enjoy your take on travel and history .Please don't stop.I am lazy, but promise to let you know from now on that you are read.

Rick Stone said...

On this side of the pond the age for being a senior keeps getting lower. Most places now say 55, some even less. I hit the big 65 today but have been getting the senior discounts for several years.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I, too, seem to have lost my zing! for blogging. I still enjoy hopping around the internet reading others' posts, but find my one boring and bland these days. Could be that my family has up and moved across the country and I'm finding my new "me" without them, but I haven't the heart to blog as I did when they were here and I saw them every day.

I am, however, enjoying your posts, although I don't comment often. Confession: I'm sometimes viewing at work on my iPhone, and it's not so conducive to commenting via that tiny device!

Shelley said...

James - It's lovely to know you still come over to my place! Don't feel guilty, please. Just say hello now and then.

Rick - I find that amazing that the senior age has dropped as much. That said, marketers have to realise that the population bulge is moving up the scale and they are bound to go for that market!

Deb - I'm pleased you like my posts. Naughty girl, reading at work. I don't get over to your blog as often as I'd like, but I notice you have loads of comments waiting for you all the same!

BigLittleWolf said...

I loved Ghent, the few times I spent a day there.

Fascinating bit of information about that spiral stairway!