Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sun on the Beach

Our last morning at Avoca the sun finally showed up. We all took a walk on the beach -- a barefoot walk, something I never do at home even on the warmest day by the North Sea.
The water was finally back to it's beautiful blue-green Pacificness.

People were out in swim suits. I thought it was still a bit chilly for my bathing suit, but even had it been warm, I'm still haunted by the photos of slim, brown Jane and me at the beach our last visit there. I had a new purple one piece swimsuit, in honour of the 20 pounds I'd gained since our first visit. In the pictures I look like a big grape walking with a cinnamon stick.

I spent a lot of photos trying to catch waves and ocean spray, but of course my camera was too slow to surf.

Leaving that, the next most fascinating thing

was watching two old men walking and talking

the length of the beach and back. I already thought I felt pretty

relaxed, but somehow watching them made me feel really chilled out.

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