Saturday, 17 October 2009

Picnic and Art - Part II

Along with Jenni came husband Cedric and big

brother Tim. Lunch was salad, bread and roast 'chook', delicious! We had to clear out sharpish

as the area had been reserved by a wedding party, for photos no doubt. On our way to the art gallery we noticed that preparations included stuffing doves into a cage for some momentous and joyous release - very silly we thought.

Jenni walked along side the pond and this creature emerged and appeared to swim along side her. I'm guessing it was an eel; it seemed to think she was likely to feed it or something (yuck!).

Also a flock of cockatoos which seemed quite tame. This man nearly but not quite coaxed on up onto his arm. Note the size of that bird. I keep getting 'cockatoo' and 'cockatiel' mixed up, but a 'too is 15-40 inches tall, compared to a 10 inch 'tiel. Beak and claws correspond...charming birds, I'm sure, but I wouldn't be attempting this one.

And I just had to include this photo of Jane because I thought she looked terrific!

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