Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Perth - Part III

Sorry this has been delayed -- our internet connection has been really dodgy and for a while Blogger wasn't doing very well either. Fingers crossed the British Telecom people have sorted it. So where were we? Still in Perth, I believe...

The next day Sharon took us to a place called Serpentine Falls where the about the first thing we saw was this kangaroo that didn't seem at all concerned about our proximity. I thought he looked pretty confident about being able to make a quick getaway if we tried anything silly.

It was a beautiful day, just a touch on the cool side. The falls were noisy and full of water. I know that sounds daft, but rainfall and water aren't to be taken for granted in Australia.

I was still in love with the colours and the (you'd never believe it) the trees.

I got Bill to snap a few photos of Sharon and me. I know I look goofy here, but as often happens with these things one of us was talking or distracted when the other looked OK; I decided to let Sharon have the better photo this time.

We then moved on to Turner Cottage, more or less across the road.

It is one of the old original farms that I bet will eventually be swamped by suburbia, but not yet and for now one of the farm buildings was a little cafe. Another used to be a craft / souvenir shop, but sadly they'd turned that into an office. I was looking forward to some shopping. After looking over the grounds and then the menu we ate outside and talked.

After lunch we looked over their collection of old farm equipment

and admired their dog (with different coloured eyes, I now notice)

and horses.

And then we went back to Sharon's place. Luke and Jo dropped by with baby Tommy about the time Tom got home. Everyone sat out in the covered yard between the main house and our little apartment. Bill and I organised our packing as we were leaving that night.

I really enjoyed trying to catch pictures of Tom and Tommy.

We would like to have taken Sharon and Tom out to a nice restaurant for dinner, but Tom wisely pointed out that just the slightest glitch in seating or service would produce worry about making our check in time, etc., so we'll just have to save that for another time. I know it sounds like we're leaving Perth now, but I have more to tell you, so (with a little cooperation from British Telecom and Blogger.com) we'll carry on a bit longer in the next posts.


Rick Stone said...

I guess they have kangaroo's roaming around down there like we have deer roaming around over here. Do they wander into traffic and get hit like the deer do in this country?

Shelley said...

I don't actually know, Rick. With luck, someone from Australia will read this and answer your question...

Anonymous said...

Hi Rick,
Yes sadly they do. Like deer kangaroos are timid creatures. You don't see them in built up areas but unfortunately on country roads you do often see the ones who didn't make it across the road. This usually happens at night when they are dazed by the car headlights.They tend to graze early morning & early evenings but rest during the heat of the day so not often a traffic hazzard then. Serpentine Falls in in a National Park area so the one Shelley photographed felt quite comfortable & secure in continuing his siesta when we arrived on the scene.

Shelley said...

Well done, Rick! You got Sharon to come out of lurking! Maybe others will follow suit...