Thursday, 1 October 2009

Best Seat in Sydney

Welcome to Jane's veranda, probably my favourite place in the Southern Hemisphere.

Comfortable. With soft seating and convenient table to hand. Temperature (when I've been there) averaging around 85 F. with soft, if any, breezes.

Attractive. Excelllent views of jacaranda trees and other unusual plants in back garden. Overlooks pool. Exotic birds swoop across the sky, screeching, laughing or imitating (more about this later).

Quiet. (Excepting exotic birds.) Children not generally found out here as toys disappear over the edge.

Entertaining. (see also Attractive). On previous trip, visited by baby kookaburra which we fed whilst parents had fits in nearby tree.

Useful. Occasionally used to dry clothes not put out on line below in garden (more about this later). Provides light and beauty (see also Attractive) to entire north wall of living room.

When I grow up, or in my next life (which ever comes first), I want a veranda just like this one.


Anonymous said...

Goodness! should go outside and enjoy it a bit more! Although you should have seen it after the dust storm - just soaked all the cushion covers and washed them as they were red, and scrubbed the seats and washed the tiles a couple of times. Jane

Shelley said...

What a mess that must have been. Hopefully no more major dust storms on the horizon for the next 100 years or so? S

Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful place to sit and read. I am surprised Rick didn't comment on all the trees and leaves in the pool. His favorite job is not cleaning leaves out of the pool. Of course I can not remember him using the words "favorite" and "job" in the same sentence. Joanne

Shelley said...

Joanne -- You're too funny. I must admit those two words don't often come very close together for me either without being joined by 'not'. Chris doesn't seem to mind clearing out the leaves occasionally, but I'm told he's not big on forking out the money for proper chemical management. I'm sure the grandkids will chivvy him along this summer and I gather he really does like swimming himself.