Thursday, 15 October 2009

Boating with Bruce & Jan - Part II

Eventually we moored in a quiet, lovely green water area. I was especially taken with the

colours along the cliffs.

Everyone admired this elegant boat.

Lunch consisted of smoked oysters

and champagne, in honour of Jane's birthday I guessed, followed by shrimp and French bread,

followed by crackers and brie cheese. I believe there was some other dish forgotten at home, but I thought there was plenty and I certainly had my fill. I was just pleased that others were just as greedy about the brie as I, because I'd probably eat one alone given the chance.

These ducks lived in hope.

I was really taken with Jan's shirt. It had a lovely print of pen and watercolour figures and French words, some of which Jane could translate. We never worked out what it was all about but I was particularly intrigued by the man's bare behind on the back. I don't think Jan knew that was there. Poor woman, I wonder if she'll ever wear that delightful shirt again! If not, she could always send it over to me.

There were a number of other boats in the little bay where we pulled up. If they were fishing, I think we talked and laughed so much we pretty much ruined their chances.

Eventually, we headed back to the docks. There were a squillion sail boats out; Bruce said they always raced back about this time. I took many pictures of this particular one because I was impressed at how dramatically it leaned.

We quickly disembarked with the help of these clever little wheelbarrows and went our separate ways.

Many thanks to Jan and Bruce for a lovely day out at Pittwater.

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