Friday, 16 October 2009

Picnic and Art - Part I

Jane's daughter, Jenni, had asked to join in whatever we were were going the Sunday afternoon, which at the time was as yet unplanned. I suggested something indoors for a change, like an art gallery or something. Jane came up with the brilliant idea of a picnic.

We drove to Roseville train station where Jane

picked up a 'chook' (Aussie for chicken) from the deli. Then we hopped on a train and headed for the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Where Bill and I took pictures of more amazing

trees and bats.

I'd forgotten about the bats, which fascinated us the last time we were here; I've never understood

why they weren't living in a cave somewhere. Now that I've looked them up turn out to be 'fruit' bats (because they look like fruit hanging

from a tree), megabats or 'flying foxes'. These, obviously, aren't like the bats (or the flying foxes) in the US. (Click on the pic to see his cute litte face).

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