Friday, 4 March 2011

March in Retrospect

March has always been a busy month for us.  By this time of year I've usually been pretty much fed up with winter and with no guarantee of a real summer, in our richer days, we zoomed off to warmer localities.  Lately we've tended to wait until summer, particularly for our 'big' (Australia or US) holidays.  March is also when Bill's birthday comes around and as it turns out, two years ago now, when his mother passed away.  It also seems that in the first March of this blog  I finally found my writing stride, so I can point you to some posts for

  • I shared my pantry list, an integral part of our frugal lifestyle and what allowed us to average about £107 per month for food in 2010.
  • Bill gathered his family in Kettlewell to celebrate the date of his 60th birthday, but a larger party was planned for the summer.
  • I discovered the fun of photography and captured the first of many images that, even if they don't do anything for me, speak to me.
  • I discovered the first Duchess of Marlborough at my local library.  Others will tell you about the second, another American, named Gladys.  I like my Consuelo better, in part because I discovered her myself, but also because - unlike Gladys - she managed to move on and make a happier life for herself.
  • Helen and Martin moved into their new house, whilst Bill and I slid around in the mud.
  • Vivien and I had an excellent day out in Newcastle.
  • We drove up to see Sarah in Edinburgh and I managed to show you most of what I knew about the place at the time, things like JennersArmstrongs and Deacon's House.  Sarah took us to see the Royal Yacht Britannia, where I spent a good part of April...but of course that's next month.

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The English Organizer said...

Very, very funny. Of all the things I thought might be responsible for exciting a British male, I would never have guessed that!