Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Birthday to Bill!

Bill’s 60th birthday was last Friday (a Good Friday to have a birthday on…). He woke up at 6 am, excited as a kid on Christmas morning. He doesn't normally make a big deal of his birthdays and when I asked what was so special about this one, he said it was because he would be gettting some money (a pension) and a free bus pass. I told him he still had to go downstairs and get my coffee even though it was his birthday and that gave me time to put up his ‘card’ and his presents. (Yes, I know I seriously need to work on my photography).

As it was a 4-day weekend here in the UK, he'd invited all his children down to a B&B in the Yorkshire Dales. Simon and Helen, plus her boyfriend Martin came from Manchester and Sarah came down from Edinburgh. As it turned out, his sister, Jane, was able to join us from Sydney.

He and the 'kids' went for their planned walk (hiking over hill and dale) in spite of the snow. It snowed even more the next day. This was cause for great excitement and much picture taking as snow is a rarity for us 'townies'. It was lovely wet snow, perfect for snowballs.

I’d tell you more about the B&B in Kettlewell (the village where they filmed Calendar Girls), but although it was a lovely old inn, it was cold and the food was only mediocre. The landlord seemed more inclined to argue than to fix the problems, so I really can’t recommend the place. In spite of that, a good time was had by all and we promised to get together our respective locations more often.

(Thank you, Simon, for sharing your pictures) -- the good ones are his.

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