Monday, 3 March 2008

Not Rubber After All

A little over a year ago the two guys I worked with bought me a plant for my 50th birthday, which I thought was very sweet of them. I did think however that this was an interesting choice considering it was well known that I have a black thumb. In fact, there is definitely a Darwinian thing with me and plants. They'd already watched several die a slow, painful death usually because I water them too much to make up for not having watered them at all. I hate ugly plants, so I tend to chop off the brown bits which is probably equally as cruel.

As this was a gift and its home was the office, I took special care to water it only a little and at hopefully appropriate intervals. It was flowering when I got it, but didn't ever flower again until now. I thought I was doing good that the leaves stayed green and healthy-looking though I harboured some suspicion about why. Pleased to have confirmation that it's real.

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