Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Check These Out

Because of my interest in frugality and, well, let’s call it a vicarious curiosity about domesticity, I've ended up reading and linking to blogs written by SAHM (stay-at-home-moms) who are home schooling their numerous children and who put Bible quotes in the title of their weblogs. They talk about wearing only dresses to be more feminine and to remind them who wears the pants (meaning of course, trousers, not underwear) in the family. I find what they write fascinating, but I did begin to wonder if I could ever go home to the US again.

However, through a series of links I can’t remember, I did find a weblog with swear words in it and felt a lot better. In fact, I wish I had the nerve to put some swear words in this, but I figure I’ll err on the side of decency for the time being. Some of my family from Oklahoma might visit this and they barely speak to me as it is. With that by way of intro, let me tell you about a few of the funny, irreverent (that means with swear words) blogs I’ve found:

I don't know what
Hashai means, but it's a look at the life of a young Louisiana woman married to Chairman Chao -- what she calls her husband; I take it he's of Chinese ethnicity -- and living (for a while) in Texas. She doesn’t write her much any more (last entry May 2007) but the archives are fun. Read with a Southern Drawl: "Just somebody come over here and kill me" … "I swear on a stack of dead daddies" … "How is it already January 6, people? I haven’t even had time to make the resolutions I plan to break, yet" ….

From Hashai I found
Dooce. Apparently, if you write in your weblog about work and then get sacked for it, you've been 'dooced', and this is what happened to Heather, but it turns out to have been a really good thing after all. Anyhow, she was raised Morman and is rebelling against that big style, though she now lives in Salt Lake City, where I lived for a while and plan to return one day. She’s now winning national / international? awards and is supporting her family on the income from her blog. Read her 12 March entry about how she’s having the last laugh.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious: the entries, the comments or the adverts. I think this isn’t just about
Stuff White People Like, so much as describing what I refer to here in the UK as Desperately Middle Class. I’ve not read all the entries on this one yet but so far I have to admit to about 20% of the first 53 (does this mean I’m only 20% white or 20% middle class? Actually, I think it means I’m 80% frugal…).

At this point, I think what I’ve worked is that if I want to make money off a weblog, I'll need to get some dogs/cats/children to photograph and adore/parody, and then I'll have decide on a Bible verse or get to swearing.

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