Monday, 21 March 2011

Uptown Downstairs Abbey

I've mentioned several times that charity is big business in Britain.  Also that Brits have rather a strange sense of humour; give them an excuse to do something goofy and they'll leap on it.  Put those two ideas together and you get Red Nose Day (which raised £74 million?), which was last Friday.  My guess is that productivity across the country dropped to it's usual annual low, but then it does on Jeans for Genes Day as well, not to mention the McMillan Coffee Morning.  I used to wish I could work from home more often, but that's just me being my usual mean and grumpy self.

However, Bill found this video advertising the Comic Relief programme that will air tonight and knowing what a fan you are of the whole Downton Abbey / Upstairs Downstairs thing, I thought I should at least try to share it with you.  Victoria Wood, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders - it doesn't get better than that! Oh, and Kim Cattrall as the American wife...

And you might try this link to some hilarious behind-the-scenes interviews.

No doubt the show tonight will be a riot, but we won't be watching.  Today is Bill's birthday and I'm taking him out to dinner.


Jg. for FatScribe said...

happy b-day, bill!! you are a blog legend (behind the scenes, as it were).

can't wait for downton abbey to be back on in the states! cheers!

jane said...

Just loved the clips from red nose day!! Thanks for attaching them to your blog. Hope Bill's birthday went very well love Jane

The English Organizer said...

Thanks for the red nose links! I only discovered D.A. about 8 weeks ago(I know, imagine...) and am eagerly awaiting Season 2 to appear on Netflix in the US.