Friday, 25 March 2011

Oscar's Clothes

The Academy Award winner for Best Picture in 1930 was Broadway Melody.  Never mind that it was made in 1929 (and again in 1936, 1938 and 1940).   

Spring Fever 1927
The costumes were designed by David Cox, but due to the boringly common use of both his name and the film title, I can't come up with any costume pictures that are reliably from that film, at least not ones that interest me.   Truth be known I want to see women's every day street clothing more than I want to see glamour and sequins, though they are nice, too.  Not that the everyday clothes in movies reflects real life, I realise.  The last thing I'm interested in is a bunch of stage costumes for a dance routine.  Been there, done that, still have one of my hats and my tap shoes.

It's a Great Life 1929

So, I shall settle for others of his design, but they are remarkably difficult to find!

His Glorious Night 1929

I've added this book to my wishlist.  Without it I wouldn't have had a prayer of finding any photos to show you.  They don't seem to be very impressed with David Cox, actually, and except for the first picture I can't say I am either.  

Love that hat, though!

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