Sunday, 8 March 2009

More from the Prague Museum

Art nouveau furniture has a major appeal to both Bill and me. Sadly, our house is already full of Grandmother's, Mom's and Auntie Mary's furniture, plus a few Wal-Mart/Ikea and second hand shop pieces. Otherwise, I'm sure we'd be in the market for something like this

or this

These are definitely cubist style,

even to my untrained eye.

The incredible beauty of the wood,

the number and variety of desks and bookcases was incredible.

This mirror and table set reminded more of my Grandmother's rather Baroque tastes. I know it's tacky, but I'm still drawn to ornate gold mirror frames, but fortunately, just to the mirror frames.

I didn't much fancy this bookcase, impressive though it was,

but I quite liked the idea of a reading stand.

Taken as I was to all the grown up furniture, I was really drawn to the doll furniture

I can't even imagine the lifestyle of a little girl who had a doll house filled with these ornate pieces!

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