Sunday, 29 March 2009

Curious about Quakers

In the days leading up to Ella's funeral, both Bill and Jane were interested in learning more about the Quaker religion. They seemed to have a mixed variety of sources and quoted some peculiar ideas that made me more interested in knowing about the Society of Religious Friends, as they call themselves.

Their own website is of course a good place to look.

Wikipedia has an entry that is intriguing and the discussion page led me to search a bit further for famous Quakers. Looks as though they were big in the areas of chocolate and china, banking and shoes; at least during Victorian times. I was interested to learn that James Dean was raised and buried as a Quaker. Other entertainers who are Friends include Joan Baez and my very favourite Bonnie Raitt.

The founder is possibly a man named George Fox, an early dissenter (against the Roman Catholic and the Anglican Churches) and he was acquainted with William Penn, who of course founded Pennsylvania as a safe haven for religious dissenters.

The most detailed information I found about the history and the faith itself was from the BBC: nine pages of fascinating stuff.

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