Sunday, 28 March 2010


I mentioned earlier that Bill forgot his jacket. He knew just where to get another.

We always try to drop into Armstrongs, in the Grassmarket, when we are in Edinburgh. It's just such a fun place. The only thing I

remember ever actually buying there was a navy blue leather jacket. Bill walked out of there this time with a dark grey jacket, very well

made, for about £30. It was actually a normal looking jacket, in spite of the carnival atmosphere these pictures paint!

They actually have vintage clothes from the 20s, 30s and 40s, where most places these days call what I wore as a teenager and a young

professional 'vintage'. What a lot of nerve!

I was in non-buying mode, my usual these days, but I was tempted by this rainbow of cashmere sweaters, all priced between £25-35. I tried on a beautiful teal coloured cardigan but it was way

too small and that was enough to snap me back to non-buying mode. I'm just no fun these days, I know.

Armstrongs have another shop, called the Rusty Zip, but we don't think it's nearly as good as the shop in the Grassmarket.

When leaving the area, I caught sight of a close for sale! I just had to check it out. Turns out it's a flat in a close. It's a great location, only 250 metres from Edinburgh Castle (that would be considered, I believe, a 'good address'.) 'Only' £165,000 for a one bedroomed flat. First floor in American, means 2nd floor; in Britain you start out at the ground floor, usually, but not always.

Edmonstone's Close

First Floor Flat

CITY CENTRE LIVING AT ITS BEST! Stylish 1st floor flat (only 3 in stair) part of prestigious Buredi/Traverse Theatre conversion. Historic location/superb setting in private courtyard. GCH. Gated entrance with secure Entryphone. Hall; Sittingroom with French doors to "Paris" balcony; Galley style fitted Kitchen; Double Bedroom with built in wardrobes and Bathroom. Minutes from the Royal Mile, City Centre, Parliament, University (Pleasance), Fountainbridge and the West End.

I can't tell you any more because my computer doesn't seem to recognise the type of file offered by the solicitors office (lawyers, that is) who list it for sale. However, another one of the 3 flats in this close is available for tourists to rent.

A two bedroomed flat, it can sleep up to six and the pictures look like everything is really modern and clean. For a long weekend, those 6 people could pay only 'from' (that always worries me) £378. The best part is that the flat is spacious - all of 277 square feet. Guess it had better be 6 small people, huh? But, hey, you'd be right next door to Armstrongs!


Rick Stone said...

277 square feet and sleeps six? Where? That is less square footage than our motor home. With all four slides extended we are about 300 square feet. Although this unit was advertised to sleep four, since the couch is a full size hide abed, we have come to the conclusion that no matter how big a coach you have they only sleep two.

Frugal Scholar said...

Oh, you're still whetting my appetite. I like to look in vintage stores, but I seldom buy. I figure, I can get the items at the "source"--thrift shops!

Struggler said...

That shop looks amazing - I could play for hours in there! Like you, though, I might not take the plunge and buy :)