Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Just in case you don't like turquoise, which is apparently THE colour for this spring, here are 37 pages from Pantone with other ideas. The fashion sketches are very entertaining.

What does this mean for me, a frugalist? As I cull closets and loft, browse flea market and thrift shop, I shall be watching for something turquoise, probably a scarf; I'm certain I have a wrap dress I bought ages ago in Sydney, which I've never worn.

Also, I'll be looking for colours that go with turquoise. Browns, I think, especially taupe, but there could be others.

The Pantone website has a lot of links to great articles about colour and fashion. And here's me thinking they just made paint.

What (if anything) will you do with turquoise this spring?

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Struggler said...

I really like turquoise but have surprisingly little of it in my home or closet. So I don't mind buying some bits and pieces.
Considering that it's supposed to be this year's colour, I'm seeing huge amounts of yellow around. And I'm really not sure I'm ready for citrus, but it's popping up all over.