Saturday, 6 March 2010

Colour Crushes

Somewhere in my internet wanderings I stumbled upon this site. It's ridiculous how much time I can spend playing with the colour wheel, the square inside and the alphabetical list of names under "Select a Color:"

Yes, I have waaaay too much time, but that was part of the aim of retiring, remember?

I can't decide which I like best, "clam shell" or "chatham's blue"; "wedgewood" or "sea nymph". I can't quite identify the particular shade of dusty green that Bill's mom, Ellen, loved best: is it more "envy" or "amulet"?

Being so smitten with looking at beautiful colours is no doubt why I enjoyed doing cross-stitch projects for so many years, though I'm pretty much done with that now.

So what colour(s) sends you?


Boywilli said...

Mum used to call it Lovat green but I think "jewel" comes nearest on your chart

Struggler said...

What a cool site!!! Love it! Falcon, Swirl, Arrowtown are all just yummy ;)