Friday, 5 March 2010

Phryne’s Wardrobe

Phryne is of course thin and elegant of limb, with an ‘an aloof, pale, delicate face, framed in neat, short black hair and with penetrating green eyes.’

Most stories seem to include a beaded gown, but I didn’t find one here, so we’ll have to settle for:

a cream velvet dressing gown, edged in fox fur

Russian leather boots of rusty hue

silk pyjamas

trousers of fine-loomed wool,
a silk shirt in emerald,
a jumper knitted with rather amusing cats and
a black cloche

red Russian boots
a red outer coat of voluminous cut with deep pockets

a satin robe and gown, in deep mossy green, cut in a rather medieval line, with high neck and flowing sleeves, edged in white rabbit fur, with
a matching small, plain, superbly made hat

a beautiful woolen dress, under which she wore
a bustband,
a petticoat,
gartered stockings and
jazz garters, all colours

a furry hat and sheepskin coat

Phryne’s favourite bath scent is “Reve du Coquette”

Selected pages on Google; they are such a tease!


Toad said...

Since your earlier post on Miss Fisher I have read three,which much enjoyment. Thanks for the lead.

Shelley said...

Toad - So pleased you've enjoyed the Phryne books. We're positively obsessed at the moment.