Thursday, 20 January 2011

January in Retrospect

Several blogs that I read make a practice of pulling up posts from their archives and I often find material I missed the first time around.  So I thought I'd give it a go.  Rather than call myself 'copying' I'm referring to this as re-using a good idea and re-cycling material; this blog is nothing if not green (get it?).

In 2009:
  • I wrote about Living with the Cold.  I still use most of these ideas.  Now that Bill is finally retired and inhabiting the house with me most days, I find he's pretty tough about not turning on the heat until late afternoon.  He thinks it's his job to keep moving to stay warm until the sun goes down.  I find that if he's not going to turn on the heat, well neither am I.  You may be thinking about that saying that couples company and misery, but actually, I'm getting a lot more done, always a good thing.
  • I attempted to publish my first blogroll without adding to the clutter of the main page.  I really like the thingie that tells you about when a new post appears (when it's not stuck).  This saves time wasted looking at what's already been read.  For lack of better IT skills, I started another blog, called ShelleysList, that I visit when I want to look at my current reading list, much changed from the original. 

In 2010:
  • We visited Simon in Middlewich.  Simon now lives in  Chester, only a single train stop or a short bike ride from his new-ish job.  I understand he also has a new-ish woman in his life; we've yet to meet her.   His work regularly takes him (business class) to France, Germany and the U.S., and he seems far happier in this position, so I'm very pleased for him.  He asks me if he can bring me anything from my homeland, but I've yet to think of what to trouble him with. 
  • I wrote about the handmade gifts I made for Christmas.  I can't write about this year's gifts yet because not everyone has received theirs yet.  Yes, I know, they're kinda late.  I think of it like one of the bloggers who wrote that she saves back a gift to give the kids after all the holidays are over and they are a bit deflated.  She calls it the gift that Santa 'forgot' to deliver Christmas Eve.  I think of my very late boxes as kind of like that, OK?
  • I posted some snow pictures back when I still thought snow was pretty...

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

great redux post! i love recycling the classics ... nice. thank you for your very honest comments at FatScribe. you're correct about those books being a bit heavy (and my post was a bit preachy!). libraries rock!