Friday, 7 January 2011

Walk on the Beach

I'd had every intention of going for a run on the beach on New Years Day, but I just wasn't up for it, so I went for a walk on the beach instead.  So did loads of other people.  Even though we waited until mid-afternoon, the tide was still quite far in so everyone was scrunched up together more than usual. 


This can be interesting when probably 60% of people have brought one or more dogs and most are not on leads.  

There wasn't a lot else going on, but the waves looked much bigger than usual, so you had your requisite mad surfers.  Bill kept pointing out the two ships 'parked up' outside the harbour, they pitched about quite a bit.  I started to say 'yaw' but perhaps this only applies to airplanes?  

There was an occasional rogue wave that came in far higher than the wet sand would lead one to expect and everyone would have to scurry up further.  I worked out that the key was to not get trapped between a group of people/dogs and the sea, which was good to know as Bill and I needed to do a couple of genuine sprints to keep our feet dry.  

We walked up and back and then up the stairs towards home.   As I've said before, going for a walk is always a good mental exercise and if there is any of the Great Outdoors that I appreciate around here, 'our' beach is certainly part of it, so all in all not a bad start to 2011.


The Elegant Thrifter said...

What a beautiful walk! I think I would do that every day if I lived in those surroundings. Happy 2011! Stan

Chris said...

Lovely pics, Shelley. And i agree with you about going for walks to keep healthy (both mentally and physically), although in my case, with no beach nearby i make a habit of going for a jog in the local park. It's more demanding than walking and it's a good way of keeping fit.