Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Black January

I never got around to mentioning that my preferred clothing colour in December was purple.  This worked especially well as I got to wear my 'new' purple velvet slacks from Munero, or are they from Coast?  Maybe they are 'by' Coast.  Never mind.  The important thing is that, judging from their website, the original owner paid between £80-85 for these lovely slacks.  She took them to Munero, a consignment shop (or dress agency as they call them here) and got £7.50 back, which is better than nothing.  I bought them for £15.  My math says that's 82% OFF, which constitutes a bargain in my book (actually, I figure it's probably about what it cost to manufacture them, if that much).  I wore my purple velvet to anything at all social and my cost per wear is already down to £3.75.

I've not done any 2011 resolutions, really.  I sort of fell apart on my 2010 goals towards the end of the year and haven't yet recovered my resolve.  Two ideas came to mind in the last few months, which I shall substitute for resolutions until something more noble comes to mind:
Bring more velvet into your life. 

Raise the game a bit:  buy from consignment shops rather than thrift stores; or, find the more upscale thrift stores.   

Save up for core pieces of clothing, the classic ones that go with everything and lifts your spirits because they really look good.

Sorry, what was the title of this post?  Oh yes, black.  Well, it's an easy one.  Every one has plenty of black (too much) in their closet.  It goes with most things (even brown if you find a print that has both colours in it).  It rather suits my outlook in this cold month.  It pushes me to use that vast collection of scarves that belonged to my Aunt Rita.  And yes, one of my favourite pieces of clothing is a pair of black velvet slacks from Monsoon (via a charity shop in Beverley).

Do you have any velvet in your life?


Jg. for FatScribe said...

so, you're saying "purple is the new black?!" i used to always wear black in college. though now, as my weight gain is stacking up somewhere in my waistline, i could use some more black in the ole wardrobe to hide those extra 25 lbs!

Jo said...

You wear purple! Doesn't it remind you of Statistics and Brenda? That is what i think of when I wear it.

Shelley said...

Jg - Black is most people's comfort colour when hiding weight. Mind, I think any dark colour worn top and bottom does the trick. Black just tends to be easier to match with other blacks (though there are quite a few shades if one is going to be picky about it).

Jo - No, I don't think if Brenda when I wear purple, so much as I think about royalty. Must be what comes of living in England on these years. I do think of Brenda, though, reasonably often: at tax time mainly. And when I wrote the post for this Saturday. Wasn't she great fun (and a little scary). I'm glad you think about her, too.

The English Organizer said...

I think I'm still totally hooked on purple... just can't stop buying the stuff!
And yes, I do have a little velvet in my life - a berry coloured jacked which I feel I should like more than I do. Plus, my black moleskin jeans, which are sort of like a poor woman's velvet!