Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Best Christmas Prezzies - Part II

There are at least two other fabulous Christmas presents I must mention:

Having confessed to being hopelessly in love with this TV series - even if I did only discover in at the next-to-last-episode (so typical of me), it was an obvious score for Bill to indulge me with the DVD set.  I was very controlled and only watched one episode per day, starting on Boxing Day.  At this writing, I have one or two more to go.  I've no doubt I will start over again with episode one, and enjoy them all over again, only I'll be taking notes and possibly making sketches.  

After only a few exposures, I practically salivate like Pavlov's dogs at the sound of the music that introduces each episode.  I'm not going to be given doggie biscuits, obviously, but I am about to receive visual treats that flood my brain with endorphins.  I won't likely ever have floor-to-ceiling windows with folding shutters, but I could manage white roses in a crystal vase.  I won't ever have servant's bells in my house (though George and Elsie, next door, had them in the smallest bedroom when they first bought their house 47 years ago); but  I can acquire the wooden letter box and I have a small version of a chandelier (alright, yes, it's from B&Q) in my dining room.  I don't really need a copper pot, but Bill has copper teapots on display (they need polishing, of course) and I could conceivably own a Labrador Retriever some day.  Those are just some of the beautiful things shown during the opening credits, but they are inspiring all the same.

The other fabulous present I got was a mantle clock.  When I was working, I made a point not to wear my wrist watch at the weekend to emphasise the fact that I didn't have to be any where at a certain time.  Now that I don't go to work every day I rarely wear it at all unless I'm going out and will want to know the time.  I know I could use my mobile phone as a watch, but since I also equate that with work, I rarely carry it or even keep it charged; can you tell how much I hated work?  Anyhow, since the only clocks we have in the house are in the living room and the kitchen, I decided it would be nice to collect some mantle clocks for the 3 other rooms that have mantles.  Only, when it came to putting it up, the dining room mantle is already quite busily occupied and the buffet cabinet seemed the right place.  You can see it in the last picture here.

What's your favourite Christmas present?


Boywilli said...

That DVD was the worst thing I ever bought. Havn't seen Shelley for a week We are living off reheated leftovers as thats all the time she can drag herself away from the TV. I think I will hie me to a monastery

Rick Stone said...

Bill, you could always just hide the DVD set for awhile. ;->