Saturday, 22 January 2011

Whole Lotta Whirring Goin' On

This afternoon Bill took a break from his downstairs project to see what I was working on.  He suddenly realised that when his power drill was quiet there was still a noise upstairs - the sewing machine.  I don't use it often, so he was curious.

I am in the midst of refashioning an old (1980's from a charity shop) long, dolman-sleeved sweater with horizontal stripes into a shorter cardigan with vertical stripes, all going well.  If the cardigan doesn't work out, it might be a vest.  One of the sewing ladies commented this was how I could afford all those holidays abroad.  She is right that I don't spend much on clothes at all, but it isn't just to save money that I undertook this project.  It's more because re-making or tailoring clothes is a skill I still want to learn.  You might even say it's in my Bucket List.  

The sweater's unique collection of muted colours have always appealed to me so I've hung on to it, though I can't remember the last wearing.  I set myself the target of making it useful again.  If it all fails miserably, it's still a textile that can be recycled into paper or a mattress or something.  If I end up with a wearable garment you can be sure that I will show it to you.

Meanwhile downstairs, Bill is installing white curtain railings over the front door and the door to the sitting room.  We're replacing the window curtains and rail to match the new door curtains.  You might guess they aren't new only newly acquired, in a cream coloured brocade.  The white and cream coordinate with the wall and woodwork colours, but the actual aim is to have a warmer house.   This is only one of several decorating projects Bill has in mind.  I feel very fortunate that he likes doing this sort of thing - which is likely why he knows how to do it.  

Of course the curtains have to gather to one side when not in use, so there are items that used to occupy that wallspace that need new homes.  It was time to re-think the wall decor anyhow.  I did my best to take these pictures with right angles, but as those are rare in this 90-year-old house, it was probably a wasted effort.

I don't mind sewing once I sit down and start, I'm just expert at putting it off.  Are there things you want to like better so you can improve?  Or is it the other way around...


Tote said...

I love fixing things up around the house. Right now it is a little hard with my ankle, but I can't wait to get back to it!
Have a good weekend!

Karena said...

Shelley I would love to see how your sweater turns out!!

to brighten your day....

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BigLittleWolf said...

I love seeing other peoples' home improvement projects - large and small. I find them to be fascinating, hopeful, creative, inspiring. It always makes me want to undertake something - anything - because the process feels good and the result is always a nice change.

Nothing new around here, though considering (and procrastinating) a bit of freshening with some paint. Of course, I'd have to clean first... always worthy of procrastination. :)